Sex therapy and psychotherapy

These drugs increase the flow of blood to the penis and keep it there. However, when taking such drugs, there may be side effects. As a consequence, there are some guidelines and limitations. The most harmless side effect can be temporary color blindness.

If you have psychogenic erectile dysfunction and the reason is in a psychological state or a nervous disorder, then consultations with a specialized specialist can help in treatment, and if this is not the case, then treatment is used from medication to surgery. Some people try folk remedies to treat erectile dysfunction. Today, several methods are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

It can also be a massage or banal positive changes in life. In addition to psychogenic erectile dysfunction, such treatment is sometimes used in organic cases. Taking pills to increase erection, which include drugs such as Viagra or Levitra (the best adjuvants in the treatment of problems such as erectile dysfunction). This is the so-called first therapy. It can be used from the outset in the treatment of all types of dysfunction.

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People with a weak cardiovascular system are advised to limit the intake of such medications. A large number of cases of counterfeiting of these tablets are also known. Needless to say, they should only be taken after consulting a doctor. Injection therapy. It is used when treatment with pills for erectile dysfunction does not give the desired result. Also when they are contraindicated. This method of treatment involves the injection of hormonal drugs into the penis itself.

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In this case, special vasodilating drugs are used that increase blood flow to the organ. This achieves a normal erection. This is a very effective method and the patient can learn how to do these injections when needed, as well as regulate the duration of the erection. The doctor will teach you how to make these injections absolutely painless.

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At the same time, the degree of sexuality of the partner does not affect the occurrence of an erection. This method is effective in 70-80% of cases. At the same time, drugs do not cause prand habit and with regular use for more than a year, can improve their own erections.

Contraindications for this method may be previous diseases of the penis or its cavernous bodies

As well as inflammation of the tissues of the penis. The use of vacuum erectors or as they are called pumps for erectile dysfunction (special devices). There are many different models and their modifications.

This method is used in the treatment of organic erectile dysfunction. True, in some cases, and psychogenic forms. Its advantages are that, in the absence of side effects and prescriptions, it is a non-aggressive method and gives a 90% result.

The essence of this method is that the penis is placed in a cylinder, in which a vacuum is created using a pump. The blood rushes to the penis and is held there by special rings called erectile dysfunction rings.

This device can also be used by healthy people to massage or supplement their own erection, enlarge or straighten the penis, as well as prevent premature ejaculation. Exercises to help correct erectile dysfunction. The method consists in restoring the muscles of the lower pelvis and teaching them to work with the strength with which it is necessary. This is a biofeedback method. He trains the muscles of the perineum, making them work when we need to.

It is used for injuries or prolonged inactivity of the muscles as a result of any injuries. The most radical, but also the most effective method of treatment is falloprosthetics. It is used when other methods are powerless, and the dysfunction is caused by irreversible causes. With the help of surgical intervention, prosthetics of the penis takes place.