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Cost of Living in Finland vs China for International Students

Cost of Living in Finland vs China for International Students

Finland and China are known for their beautiful nature and growing career opportunities. Here’s a comparative analysis of the Cost of Living in Finland vs China for International Students.

When moving to another country, we must ensure it has everything we need. The cost of living is one of the most important things you need to check before deciding. In this article, we will do comparative analysis of The cost of living in Finland Vs. China for international students.

Both countries are home to top-ranking universities in the world. They are welcoming toward international students. If you are a student, these two can be your best options. If you want to pursue a career and life in these countries, you need to know tiny details about the daily expense.  

That’s why we have gathered this information to create a comparative analysis of the cost of living in Finland and China.

Finland- the happiest country

living in finland vs china
Most happiest country Finland – The winter doesn’t leave without background glance

The survey shows Finland has been ranked as the happiest country in 2022. It is the 4th time the country has been declared the happiest. Let’s learn some facts about it. 

  • It is a small nation in Northern Europe with an area of 338,450 km. 
  • It was declared independent in 1917. 
  • Helsinki is the capital of this country. 
  • The people of this country speak the Finnish language. 

Finland is a very friendly country with beautiful landscapes to live in. Almost 9 universities in this country are among the top-ranked list in the world. The government of this country also provides financial aid for international students.  We will learn about the cost of living in Finland further in this article.  

China- the supernation

It is one of the largest countries in the world. It is situated in East Asia. Let’s learn some facts about it. 

  • China ranks first in population with 1414 million people. 
  • It has an area of 9,562,910 km. 
  • The country became independent in 1949. 
  • It is known as the people’s republic. 
  • Beijing is the capital of this country and one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. 
  • People of this supernation speak the Mandarin language, which is also commonly known as Chinese. 

China is considered a super nation because it has one of the strongest economies. It is excelling in every field. Apart from this, it has beautiful nature, diverse culture, and delicious food. China also offers better career opportunities.

living in finland vs china
The comparison of groceries is required because it is most essential part of life.

The living cost of a country must include a grocery list to understand the minimum daily expense. Let’s take a look at it.

GroceriesChina in $Finland in $
Chicken breasts4.1110.2
Soft drink1.312.95
Toilet paper1.541.69
Cold medicine5.3112

The comparison of Quality of Life

It is important to know about the cost of living in the country before deciding to move. It is equally important to know about the quality the country offers. Let’s look at the quality of life China and Finland offer. This data is rated from 0 to 100. 

Factors of quality of lifeChinaFinland
Political stability6985
Civil rights37100

Top cities in China and Finland

The cost of living can differ from the city you decide to live in. We have gathered data on the top cities in both countries for better understanding. Let’s look at it. 

Cities in ChinaLiving cost in $Cities in FinlandLiving cost in $

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of living in Finland and China can differ depending which country you are coming from. It can vary due to the difference in currencies.
  • Finland is more expensive than China if we consider the cost in USD.
  • Both countries have good career opportunities. You can choose either depending on your preference. 


Q1. Is living in China expensive?

Answer: The cost of living in China is cheaper than in the United States and European countries.

Q2. What is the average price of a house in Finland?

Answer: The average price of a house in Finland is approximately $ 1538.61 per square meter.

Q3. Is Finland richer than China?

Answer: According to World Data, China is richer than Finland.

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